\\ Beloved //
"to be adored; highly favored; cherished; a word of endearment"

Hello, my name is Micah Angel. I am the Founder of Belove-ed Incorporated ™

This belove-ed.com site is specifically where I sell my fashion catalogs specifically tailored to uplift you :)

Belove-ed Incorporated ™ is a small business corporation I created to enhance the mental health of my communities through fashion, science education, technology, & the creative arts. 

I believe that one of the greatest responsibilities we all have in life is to give ourselves permission to educate, nurture, & heal ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. Healing is not necessarily a destination, but a journey that I believe we are all worthy of participating in, no matter how or when we facilitate and receive it. 

I also feel we are all worthy of receiving personalized support physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To anyone who has ever felt overlooked, misunderstood or unloved, especially due to experiencing trauma: I dedicate our company's services and products to uplifting you.

As a multi-ethnic, licensed science educator, and artist from Minnesota, I believe in creating a global community strengthened by empathy, and mental health management skills. Impact done to our mind & body affects our worldview, as well as how we all cope, survive, and learn to thrive. We need safe communities, and educational tools that help us develop self-awareness, and wellness. 

Through working for several years as an educator in U.S. Public Schools, I notice that there is a neglect in teaching essential mental health and wellness skills in classrooms. Mental health does not discriminate. Caring for internal wellness is urgent, and should be prioritized for all human beings regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, sexuality, disorder, disability or health level. We are all worthy of the right to access environmental support that helps us navigate our personal wellness. I want to be a part of an equitable solution by helping to fill the void of mental health support and education.

We need more leadership that demonstrates compassion, empathy, and validation towards the complexity of the human experience. The resilience of the human spirit is astounding, yet fragile. I feel people are worthy of rehabilitation, and we cannot afford to leave mental health stigmas unaddressed any longer. In fact, a lot of the work I do as a mental health advocate now, is inspired by vulnerable loved ones of mine who unfortunately, passed away while experiencing personal mental health challenges. It is evident to me now, more than ever before, that our systems all over the world are in great need of diverse, innovative, trauma-informed practices that can enhance the holistic wellness of every individual. 

Mental Health Awareness cannot merely be a trend or buzzphrase, but rather, it is imperative that we shift our focus to make room for it in all areas of life. No one is exempt from the need to care for their mental health.

I understand that Mental Health Awareness alone is a big call to action, especially where it is not culturally normalized. Healing our diverse communities from generational trauma comes in so many forms, and is not a one shoe-fits-all journey. It is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it is critical for us to still learn to try. I feel that the extent that we receive love for ourselves, is reflected in the love we extend to each other. 

Through Belove-ed Incorporated, I want to be a part of changing our approach in human interaction, especially operating in workplaces and schooling environments. Together we can cultivate safe spaces to care for our minds.  With that being said, if through technology, fashion, music, and the creative arts, we can help edify, and empathize with even one human being: then let it be 🤲🏾

One affirmation at a time. 🌻

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I am glad you are here.


We are Survivors.

We are Victors.

We are Beloved. 


C.E.O. of Belove-ed Incorporated™