"to be adored; highly favored; cherished; a word of endearment"
Thank you for being here.
 I created BELOVE-ED™ to help enhance the mental health of a worldwide community through fashion, science education, technology, & the creative arts. 
Here at the site you will find luxurious items specifically influenced by the Ghanaian & Spanish cultures that raised me.  It is my intent to serve you soothing reminders & products that are carefully curated to reinforce your journey in love. 
The gentle affirmations woven throughout my company’s service are inspired by the delicate connections I've made from around the world who move me to embody & share with you the self-compassion I'm cultivating from within
breath by breath.
We are worthy of being seen, understood, supported, edified, and dearly loved,

because the luxuries of life including joy, rest, & peace of mind in abundance     are our birthrights.

Just Be.
      Founder of BELOVE-ED™ 

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