\\ Beloved //
"to be adored; highly favored; cherished; a word of endearment"
Thank you for being here.
As a writer, artist, & educator, BELOVE-ED INC. ™ is a small business corporation that I created to help enhance the mental health of my community through fashion, science education, technology, & the creative arts. 
Here at the belove-ed.com site you can find luxurious fashion & feel-good products that are curated to reinforce your self-care journey. Download the BELOVE-ED app on your device today to freely receive supportive messages.
The gentle affirmations woven throughout my company’s service are inspired by the delicate connections I’ve made throughout my life, teaching me the importance of prioritizing mental health.
My experiences remind me that our story is valid, and we are worthy of being seen, understood, supported, edified, and dearly loved. 
Please Stay Awhile. Just Be.



      C.E.O., BELOVE-ED INC. ™